What I've been up to:

Oberlin College, 1979, art and english double major

Arizona State University, 1996, Masters in Elementary Education

1979 First job out of college, photojournalist at the Middletown Journal in Middletown, Ohio.

1983 Commercial photographer in Arizona  Photographs of people, people with products and products.

1993 Elementary school teacher I taught grades 3,4,5,6,8 at Aztec Elementary, Cocopah Middle School and one year at Copper Ridge as a technology teacher. I taught the general curriculum in 3-5 grades, language arts in 6th grade, including earth science one year and humanities in 8th grade. I didn't teach seventh grade. Phew!

2003-2007 Made a bunch of rebar sculpture (the photo above is a rebar sculpture I made that's in my front yard.), did some private tutoring, worked for a reading remediation company etc.

2007-2014 writer, photographer at Raising Arizona Kids magazine

2014 Independent artist

2016 joined Five15 Arts collective